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Tropical Kayaks is open 7 days a week, but we  suggest you call first to be sure we are nearby!

We are always paddling about, or delivering kayaks nearby...

You may call us at (386) 445-0506 , it will forward to our cell if we are on the water. Normal hours are from 9am to 5pm -  


We will custom order your Eddyline Kayak !  Call us today! 

 Eddyline 12' Skylark
with 2 hatches
Length: 12 ft
Beam: 26 in 
Weight: 41 lbs
Cockpit Size: 35″ x 18.5″
Capacity: 295 lbs.
Stability: High

 There is nothing that expresses summer more than the skylark singing as it soars high against the sun in a clear blue sky. Experience this joy on the water. The Skylark fits into a new category of kayak considered transitional or cross over. While essentially a recreational kayak in size and fit, the Skylark has been endowed with much more consideration to the features and performance found in a full-fledged sea kayak. We gave it abundant stability and a roomy fit to make the entry-level paddler comfortable, yet the efficiency to keep up with longer boats on an easy cruise. At the same time we want the more experienced paddler to have fun, so we added hard chines for carving and Greenland styling for looks. This kayak is attractive to beginners and one that they can grow in, yet also provides a lightweight and fun alternative to the more experienced paddler. The Skylark comes standard without thigh braces and can be ordered with as an option. Rudder Free Design.




                         EDDYLINE CARIBBEAN 12

                                        Why Eddyline?

        One of the best kayaks for performance and quality!

                                     Eddyline Caribbean 12
                              Sit On Top Carbonlite kayaks!
               New Seat included, not shown in this photo

 Eddyline 12'
Sit on Top Caribbean 12!
30″ wide weighs 45lbs

  HISTORY OF EDDYLINE View an 8 minute flash video of how Eddyline came to be the company it is today.
  BIRTH OF A KAYAK View an 4 minute flash Birth of a Kayak.

Equinox Choose a Color: Click on kayak top and side views below to view larger images. 
Length: 14' | Beam: 25" | Weight: 45 lbs | Cockpit Size: 35" x 18.5" | Capacity: 360 lbs | Stability: High  /  As the name suggests, this kayak strikes a perfect balance between two worlds. The Equinox brings together the comfort and stability of recreational kayaks and the performance of a true sea kayak. The efficient V hull and hard chines provide stability and glide in one package. The kayak tracks well and performs leaned turns with ease. The ample cockpit is equipped with thigh braces that give excellent control even to the smaller sized paddler. The Equinox comes fully rigged with elegant styling, front deck bunjis, rear deck re-entry lines, recessed deck fittings and Eddyline’s retractable carrying handles and security loops. For comfort and fit we provide hip pads, thigh pads, and our three way adjustable backrest fitted to a comfortable padded seat. The Equinox will delight you with its performance in the water and shines bright under the sun and moon. Rudder Free Design.

           Blue Skylark 12'

                                     Eddyline Kayak-

 Lightweight,high performance and superior craftsmanship!
       Custom built for best performance & endurability!
          Paddle the best! Paddle an Eddyline Kayak!

Eddyline Kayaks built for paddlers who want the very best in performance and long distance paddling! Lightweight, high performance  & Durable-

                           *   New Skylark 12' have arrived!    *
                                 * Limited quantities for sale! *


Our Eddyline Skylarks are our most popular kayak as our paddlers are wanting
lighter, shorter and faster kayaks to paddle!

                                  Why an Eddyline Skylark?
We listened to our customers who come back to buy their second
                                  or third  Eddyline Kayak from us!!

The Skylark is a high end, best choice for those outgrowing the heavy rotomolded  kayak you began your love affair with....step into the best paddling experience  money can buy! Paddle an Eddyline! You will love it!
                                  * Special pricing will not last long!


Tropical Kayaks Tees...long or short sleeve available

Located on the water 
access to Palm Coast Canals,
The  intracoastal Waterway
Manatee Cove
St. Joe's
& Fox Cut minutes away!

Long Sleeve Tropical Kayaks Tees...



    Mail order available!

     Our Manatee  Hat!

Manatee on the side of
the Tropical Kayaks Hat
and on the Tee shirt sleeve
as seen in photos!

Kayak carts & wheels for sit inside
 or sit on top kayaks

Swift Paddles...Custom designed
Manatees and Tropical Birds shown
Swift Paddles Fabric Designs $300 each

Actual photo of the Swift Manatee Paddle Blade....Beautious!

Our Eddylines!

Dot in her Eddyline Skylark!

Merlin XT

                       * Eddyline used /demo Merlin LT.....$999



We are dealers for Eddyline Kayaks  offering quality in design and customer service! We are pleased to be a dealer for  13 + years!

Eddyline Kayaks are for the kayak enthusiast  who wants a high performing, light weight , and durable  kayak to paddle. The investment in an Eddyline is a long term love affair ,and offers the highest quality in themoformed  Kayaks.
There is a reason Eddyline has been around for a very long time....quality and customer service! Cold weather or hot temperatures will not effect the kayaks ability to take a beating!


                  Thankyou for growing with us  since we started
                            our small Tropical Kayak business in 1999.

We carry single & 2 person "quality" and high performance kayaks, sit on top and sit-inside recreational kayaks from 9 feet to 18 feet!

Palm Coast sunset from a kayak!


                                       Need boat, yacht or sailboat?

Please visit our local  boat brokerage friends : Yacht Brokers LLC of Palm Coast
for quality boat /yacht listings! Over 50 years experience selling used boats!

                           Boats needed to add to our MLS inventory!


Yacht Brokers of Palm Coast
      Need boat listings!
Member of  MLS Yachtworld


Palm Harbor Canal leading to Manatee Cove....
Tranquil setting great for beginners!    
Dolphins, Manatees,& Otters  frequent our canals year round!   



Tropical Kayaks is open 7 days a week, but we  suggest you call first to be sure we are nearby! We are always paddling about, or delivering kayaks nearby...
You may call us at (386)445-0506 , it will forward to our cell if we are on the water. Normal hours are from 9am to 5pm - We will try to accomodate  "after hours" by request.  


Kayak wheels $149

Osprey Fishing PFD/ $84

Kayak PFD/ $46

Kayak Paddles from $49.99 and up

Skirts from $36up

Featherlite 9' Covers from $46

Thigh Pads/Featherlite $60pr.

Deluxe Featherlite spray skirt $84

Cooler Little Buddy  gear bag $70

Glacier fishing glove half-finger Lycra  $18

Cold weather gloves from $30 up

We always  have a selection of slightly used kayaks for sale!

Used kayak selection changes weekly, call to inquire!

Tropical Kayaks   (386)445-0506

Kayaks for rent and sale in Palm Coast, Florida  for the kayak adventure! Or take a guided kayak trip with us!

                      New and used kayaks for sale!     

               *** Ongoing sale of our rental fleet! ***  
                            Kayaks sold as is where is.

Notice. In stock used/demo kayaks on sale, prices subject to change.     

Paddle Yak Grips now in!   Kayak  Wheels and dry bags, too!         

Eddyline Kayak Night Hawk 16, NightHawk 17.5, Skylark (our paddling club's favorite! )

 Marie in her Eddyline Skylark!               

Accessories from paddles, Extrasport life jackets, wheels,rescue kits, pumps, fishing seats,  inflatable deluxe  seats and more!

Remember! Bag all valuables kayaking is a watersport! You or your belongings may get wet, even in hatches or compartments!

Our kayaks are from entry level to high performance sea kayaks for the paddler who wants the best for endurance and long distance paddling!

   Our small Eddylline Club rafted up!Please come visit, rent, or take a kayak trip and learn to paddle in comfort!      www.tropicalkayaks.com   

                 Please visit our friends if you are looking
              for a used boat for sale, or maybe you wish
                to sell your boat in Florida or worldwide!


                                Yacht Brokers,inc.
                       Yacht Brokers of Palm Coast  is
           Conveniently  located at the Palm Coast Marina!
             Central Florida's Largest Boat Brokerage with
                           4 central Florida Offices !
          Boats for sale, listings needed ! Power or Sail!
                        Members of MLS YachtWorld


   For Used Boat & Yacht Sales please visit
         Yacht Brokers,inc.  of Palm Coast
                     ( 386)-447-1977
  With  over 25 years in the boating industry!

Sail and power boat listings needed !!!
     Yacht Brokers,inc  of Palm Coast
Members of MLS YachtWorld Listing service
        for used boats, power and sailboats  for sale!






           **Kayak Prices or inventory subject to change**

                           Kayak Sales- All sales final